Fisiopatologia delle cellule staminali cerebrali

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Gruppo guidato da Annalisa Buffo

Fisiopatologia delle cellule staminali cerebrali
annalisa buffo

Annalisa Buffo

Associate Professor of Physiology


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Born in Turin on 25.12.1967 - Italian.
1991. Doctor in Biological Sciences summa cum laude, University of Turin
1992-1993. Post-lauream apprenticeship at the II Neurological Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, University of Turin
1992-1998 Research fellow, University of Turin
1994. Professional certificate for Biologists, University of Turin
1998 Research Doctorate in Neurological Sciences, Ministry of Education and Science, Rome
1994-1999 Short research stays at the Rudolf Magnus Institute, University of Utrecht, Netherlands Institute for Brain Research, Amsterdam and University of Tuebingen
1998-2000 Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Physiology, University of Turin
2001-present Tenured Assistant Professor of Physiology (BIO/09), University of Turin
2004-2005 Visiting Researcher at the Helmholtz Zentrum (GSF, now Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt, GmbH) and Ludwig Maximilans University, Munich, Germany

Research interests
Our research focuses on the role of glia and progenitor cells in brain plasticity and repair, and on the implementation of cell replacement approaches and/or training protocols to promote functional recovery in CNS diseases. We believe that specific issues regarding glia and neural progenitors are particularly promising to unveil new keys to the understanding of physiology, disease and repair.
We therefore investigate: (i) cellular and molecular mechanisms of astroglial heterogeneity and plasticity; (ii) physiopathology of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells; iii) therapeutic approaches for neurodegenerative diaseses based on cell replacement and training; main model systems are the cerebellum, the neocortex and the striatum of rodents.

Il Neurone Immortale?
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Services and Products for preclinical proof of concepts

Our spinoff provides scientific expertise, animal models, equipment and facilities to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device Companies and to Research Centers for proof–of-concept or pilot in vivo studies.


Atassia: il training motorio preventivo rallenta la degenerazione neuronale

Lo studio delle nostre ricercatrici, pubblicato su Neurobiology of Disease, apre nuove prospettive per contrastare la morte neuronale nelle patologie neurodegenerative.


10 Marzo 2017

Scoperto un nuovo ruolo del ferro nella regolazione dell’ansia

Su Scientific Reports (gruppo Nature) di agosto uno studio delle nostre ricercatrici offre una nuova prospettiva sul ruolo del ferro nella regolazione delle funzioni fisiologiche cerebrali.

22 Agosto 2016

Individuate nel cervelletto cellule staminali attive dopo la nascita

Lo studio di Elena Parmigiani, pubblicato sul Journal of Neuroscience, apre nuove prospettive per "riparare" il cervello che invecchia o si ammala

13 Maggio 2015