J. Kwok, University of Cambridge (UK)

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Data dell'evento: 23/02/2015

Monday, 23th February - h 14:30
Seminars room, NICO

Molecular fine-tuning in the perineuronal nets orchestrate plasticity and repair in the CNS
Jessica Kwok
John van Geest Centre for Brain Repair, University of Cambridge (UK)

PNNs are a layer of macromolecular complexes in which extracellular matrix molecules, polysaccharides (such as chondroitin sulphate proteoglycans and hyaluronan) and soluble proteins, form a compact layer of aggregates and anchor onto the neuronal surface. Using biochemical, cell biology, together with functional studies, we have established the core molecular and structural components of the PNNs and demonstrated that manipulation of PNNs effectively increases plasticity in the adult CNS.

Host: Daniela Carulli

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27 aprile 2018

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16 febbraio 2019

Torino - 10th International Meeting STEROIDS and NERVOUS SYSTEM

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Hervé Barmasse, l'alpinista "figlio del Cervino": perché sostenere i ricercatori del NICO

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11 aprile 2018