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sara bonzano

Sara Bonzano

PhD student


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Curriculum Vitae

Born in Valenza (AL) on 22.03.1987. Italian.
2009. BS in Biological Science (University of Turin).
2011. MSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology (University of Turin).
2009-2011. Stage at Dept. of Life Sciences and Systems Biology, University of Turin.
2012. PhD student in Neuroscience (University of Turin).

Scholarships and merit awards:
2012-2015: awarded of a PhD position (PhD Program in Neuroscience; XXVII cycle), University of Turin.
2013: awarded by The French Embassy in Italy for a three-months scholarship for a mobility program for PhD student in France [MAE grant, year 2014].
2013: prize for the best thesis (LM in Molecular and Cellular Biology, A.Y.2010/2011, University of Turin.
2013: conferral of the master degree award in Neurobiology dedicated to the memory of Professor Maria Fosca Franzoni.
2010-2011: winner of a merit fellowship (art. 33) for a partial collaboration (50 hours) as assistant to practical exercises of Cellular and Tissue Biology for undergraduate students, Morphologic Laboratory, Dept. of Life Sciences and Systems Biology (University of Turin).

Scientific Societies:
Società Italiana di Neuroscienze (S.I.N.S., since 2013).

2012: Seminars at the course in Developmental neurobiology (Chair: Prof. Aldo Fasolo), MSc in Molecular Biotechnology (University of Turin).

Curriculum Vitae