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Frontiers in Neurogenesis, L. Bonfanti e P. Peretto

Adult Neurogenesis twenty years later: physiological function versus brain repair
Topic editors Paolo Peretto and Luca Bonfanti

28 february 2015

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54 scientific publications
16 seminars organized by NICO, over 60 talks in national and international scientific meetings and 20 in dissemination events.
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19 december 2014

Neuroscience, G. Panzica

Testosterone and estradiol differentially affect cell proliferation in the subventricular zone of young adult gonadectomized male and female rats

3 december 2014

Development, P. Peretto - F. Luzzati

Quiescent neuronal progenitors are activated in the juvenile guinea pig lateral striatum and give rise to transient neurons

31 october 2014

Autophagy, E. Tamagno

Aβ1-42 monomers or oligomers have different effects on autophagy and apoptosis

13 september 2014

Eur J Neuroscience, S. Bonzano

Odour enrichment increases adult-born dopaminergic neurons in the mouse olfactory bulb.

11 september 2014

GLIA, E. Boda

Early phenotypic asymmetry of sister oligodendrocyte progenitor cells after mitosis and its modulation by aging and extrinsic factors

10 september 2014