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Cavalieri Ottolenghi Foundation (non-profit corporation recognised by Regione Piemonte) aims to sustain research programmes in the field of Neurosciences.

The Foundation started out with Annetta Cavalieri Ottolenghi's donation to University of Torino.
The Foundation's goal is, as stated in its statute, to "deepen the current knowledge regarding the interdependence between physical and chemical conditions of the human body, and mental manifestations, or rather investigate the causes of mental illness, ultimately providing a cure".

The Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi Foundation (NICO) intends to provide high quality neuroscientific research, with a specific interest in prevention, diagnostics, and cure of neurological disorders. Following these principles, research at NICO focuses on mechanisms underlying neuronal maturation, and errors that might cause mental retardation.

The Foundation's headquarters and laboratories had been at the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Torino, for many years. Since 2010, offices and laboratories are located in the Foundation's new building, in the campus of the Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria San Luigi Gonzaga, in Orbassano (near Torino).

Events & Meetings

31 may 2024

NICO NeuroWebinar & Seminar

1 appointment per week, on Friday at 2.00 pm