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Group leader:  Carola Eva

alessandra oberto

Alessandra Oberto

Assistant professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology


Tel    +39 011 670 6608
Fax   +39 011 236 7718

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Alba on 24.10.1967. Italian.

2001 Assistant professor in Pharmacology and Toxicology, Department of Anatomy Pharmacology, and Forensic Medicine, Medical School, University of Turin, Italy
1996 PhDin Pharmacologyand Toxicology, University of Turin, Italy
1991 Master’s degree in Biology (summa cum laude), Faculty of Natural and Biological Sciences,University of Turin, Italy

Current position
Assistant professor (RU) in Pharmacology (BIO/14) Department of Neuroscience Rita Levi Montalcini and Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (NICO), University of Turin, Italy

Previous positions
2001-2003 Guest researcher, Max-Planck–Institute, Heidelberg. Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology of Dr Rolf Sprengel. Research projects: 1) generation of conditional Y1R knock out transgenic mice using the doxicyclin regulated tet off system. 2) generation of Y1RVenus/Y5RtTA transgenic mice.

1999 Postdoctoral Fellowship. "Marie Curie Research Training Grant", Biotechnology program. Laboratory of Molecular Biology (supervisor Dr William Wisden) MRC, Medical Research Council, Dep. Neurobiology, Cambridge. Research projects: 1) in situ hybridization analysis of the expression of Y1 receptor mRNA in mice after anxiolytic and anxiogenic drug treatments. 2) Molecular biology techniques for making knock out mice using homologous recombination in Embryonic Stem cells.

1998 two years Postdoctoral Fellowship for Medical Science research, Institute of Pharmacology, Medical School. Project title: “Regulation of the Y1R gene expression from the hypotalamicsaziety factors”. PI: Prof. Carola Eva.

1994-1996: Visiting Fellow at Nathan S. Kline Institute (NYU) Center for Neuropharmacology, from September '94 to March '96. Studying the mechanism of Pb2+ neurotoxicity and its relationship to apoptotic neuronal death, under the direct supervision of Dr. Alessandro Guidotti.

1993-1994: Visiting Fellow FGIN, Georgetown University, Medical School, from March '93 to September '94, analyzing the gene promoter of an 18 Kd protein associated with the Mitochondrial Benzodiazepine Receptor complex in Dr. Karl Kruger lab.

1992-november 1996: PhD student in Pharmacology and Toxicology, under the supervision of Dr. Carola Eva. Institute of Pharmacology, Medical School, University of Turin. Thesis title: “Functional characterization of the promoter of the Y1 receptor mouse gene for neuropeptyde Y”.

1991: Guest Researcher from August 19th to November 2nd in the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology, NIH Bethesda. Engaged in Dr. Sandra Eva research project involving the bacterial expression and purification of the product of the dbl oncogene.

Teaching activities:
November 2001-2018: "Toxicology", Biotechnology School, University of Turin, Italy
November 2004-date: "Pharmacological Biotechnology", Molecular Biotechnology Master degree, University of Turin, Italy
November 2006-date: "General Pharmacology", Fundamentals of general pathology and physiopathology class, Degree forNeuropsychomotricityTerapistsof the developmental ages, University of Turin.
November 2006-2010: "General Pharmacology", First Aid class, Degree in Neurophysiopathology techniques, University of Turin
November 2010–date “Pharmacology”, Clinical and therapeutic methodology class, Nursery degree.

Scientific interests
Neuropeptide Y (NPY), hypothalamus, eating behavior, anxiety, mood disorders, obesity
The hypothalamic circuit of eating behavior, leptin and NPY. Generation of Y1R conditional knock-out mice. And modification of the Y1 and Y5 receptor gene to create mouse models for the study of anxiety, stress and eating disorders.
Neuroregulation and neuroprotective effect of NPY via Y1R. Epigenetic mechanisms that regulate cell differentiation during embryonic development. Maternal care as a tool to study the epigenetic modification of the Y1R gene.
NPY signaling role of estrogen dependent energy metabolism in female mammals.

Membership of scientific societies
SINS, Italian Society forNeuroscience
SFN, American Society for Neuroscience

Member of research centers
NeuroscienceInstitute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (NICO, Orbassano, Turin)
NIT, Centro Interdipartimentale di Studi Avanzati in Neuroscienze




NPY-Y1 receptor signaling controls spatial learning and perineuronal net expression

Neuropharmacology , December 2020

Ilaria Bertocchi, Paolo Mele, Giuliano Ferrero, Alessandra Oberto, Daniela Carulli, Carola Eva

26 January 2021

Sex differences in behavioral and metabolic effects of gene inactivation: The neuropeptide Y and Y receptors in the brain

Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews , December 2020

Eva C, Oberto A, Longo, Palanza, Bertocchi I

12 January 2021

Conditional inactivation of Npy1r gene in mice induces sex-related differences of metabolic and behavioral functions

Hormones and Behavior , September 2020

Ilaria Bertocchi, Alessandra Oberto, Angela Longo, Paola Palanza, Carola Eva

16 September 2020