Physiopathology of neural stem cells

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Group leader:  Annalisa Buffo 

Physiopathology of neural stem cells
Enrica Boda

Enrica Boda

Associate Professor in Human Anatomy


Tel  + 39 011 6706615
Fax + 39 011 6705451

Born in Turin, 08.05.1981 - Italian

2010 PhD in Neuroscience, University of Turin, Italy
2005 Master’s degree in Neurobiology (summa cum laude and honourable mention), University of Turin, Italy

Current position
Associate Professor in Human Anatomy (BIO/16).

Previous positions
2017- 2020  Assistant Professor in tenure track (RTD-B) in Human Anatomy (BIO/16).

2015-2017 Senior Post-doc Fellow (Assegnista di Ricerca). Independent fundings granted by Cariplo Foundation (Ricerca Biomedica condotta da Giovani Ricercatori). Department of Neuroscience Rita Levi Montalcini and Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (NICO), University of Turin, Italy.

Jun-Aug 2015 Visiting Scholar in Dr. Akiko Nishiyama’s laboratory, Department of Physiology and Neurobiology, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT (USA).

2010-2014 Post-doc Fellow, Department of Neuroscience Rita Levi Montalcini and Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (NICO), University of Turin, Italy. PI: Prof. Annalisa Buffo

2005 – 2009 PhD student, Department of Neuroscience, University of Turin, Italy. PI: Prof. Filippo Tempia

Scientific interests
Oligodendroglia-neurons cross-talk in health and disease. Myelination. De-/Dis-myelinating disorders. Molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of the self-renewal and differentiation of neural progenitor cells (neural stem cells and oligodendrocyte progenitor cells).

Role in research
Lead responsible of research on oligodendroglial physiopathology, expert in oligodendrocyte neurobiology


Not all oligodendrocyte precursors are created equal

Nature Communication , 28 April 2022

Molecular and functional heterogeneity in dorsal and ventral oligodendrocyte progenitor cells of the mouse forebrain in response to DNA damage. 

Enrica Boda, Martina Lorenzati, Roberta Parolisi, Brian Harding, Gianmarco Pallavicini, Luca Bonfanti, Amanda Moccia, Stephanie Bielas, Ferdinando Di Cunto, Annalisa Buffo

5 May 2022

Air pollution and Multiple Sclerosis: PM effects on neuroinflammation and myelin repair

Neurochemistry International , May 2021
Parolisi R, Montarolo F, Pini A, Rovelli S, Cattaneo A, Bertolotto A, Buffo A, Bollati V, Boda E

This work, which is the result of an annual multicenter pilot project supported by the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, has shown for the first time that exposure to PM has negative effects on the regenerative capacities of the nervous tissue, and in particular of myelin.

10 March 2021

In vivo silencing of miR-125a-3p promotes myelin repair in models of white matter demyelination

Glia , 12 March 2020 

Marangon D, Boda E, Parolisi R, Negri C, Giorgi C, Montarolo F, Perga S, Bertolotto A, Buffo A, Abbracchio MP, Lecca D

17 April 2020

Understanding the effects of air pollution on neurogenesis and gliogenesis in the growing and adult brain

Current Opinion in Pharmacology , February 2020

Boda E, Rigamonti AE, Bollati V

10 April 2020