NSC-Reconstruct - Novel Strategies for Cell-based Neural Reconstruction (Horizon 2020)

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NSC-Reconstruct - Novel Strategies for Cell-based Neural Reconstruction (Horizon 2020)

3 April 2020

Novel Strategies for Cell-based Neural Reconstruction (Horizon 2020) 

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The European project NSC-Reconstruct - Novel Strategies for Cell-based Neural Reconstruction (Horizon 2020) has started today with a web-kick-off meeting. Prof. Annalisa Buffo (NICO - Department of Neuroscience of the University of Turin) leads work package 3, which is aimed at developing strategies for the repair of complex brain networks, such as those affected in Huntington's disease.

GruppoBuffo_NICO_2020 - web

Prof. Annalisa Buffo (third from the left) with her  research group Physiopathology of neural stem cells

The overall goal of the project is to develop and optimize strategies based on effective neuronal replacement and circuit reconstruction to treat neurodegenerative diseases. NSC-Reconstruct is coordinated by Prof. Elena Cattaneo, University of Milan which brings together 13 partners including universities, research centers, industries and SMEs from six European countries .


Science has made tremendous progress in understanding brain circuits in both health and disease. Our knowledge of local and distant brain circuitry seen in neurodegenerative diseases, combined with the potential of human embryonic stem cells for cell and tissue regeneration, can advance the treatment of debilitating diseases like Parkinson's and Huntington's.

The EU-funded NSC-Reconstruct project is pushing the frontiers in research on stem cells for single cell types. In an ambitious effort, the team plans to reconstruct local networks through the incorporation of numerous cell types, and to restore complex networks and cortical projections, for truly functional and effective repair in complicated conditions like neurodegenerative diseases and stroke. The results will pave the way for future therapies to replace cells in the central nervous system with functionally enhanced and immune-tolerant cells.

NSC-Reconstruct will progress beyond knowledge and technologies developed in the former European project  Neurostemcellrepair  (FP7, 2013-17), that also involved the groups lead by Prof Alessandro Vercelli and Prof Annalisa Buffo.

Pictures on the left and above –  Grafted human neurons grafted (red cells with green nuclei) mature and extend processes to connect with other neurons.