Brain development and disease

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Group leader:  Alessandro Vercelli

Roberta Schellino

Roberta Schellino

PostDoc Fellow


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Born in Cuneo (CN), Italy on 11.02.1985. Italian

Postdoctoral Position in Professor Alessandro Vercelli’s Lab at Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi, Regione Gonzole 10, 10043 Orbassano (TO) - Italy


16th January 2014
PhD Dissertation. Thesis in Experimental Neuroscience on “Role of Semaphorin7A and plexinC1 in the control of adult neurogenesis in the hippocampal dentate gyrus and the subventricular zone-olfactory bulb system”. Doctoral School in Neuroscience. Judjement: Excellent.

January 2010-December 2013
Four years PhD position at Doctoral School in “Life and Health Sciences”, Doctoral School in Neuroscience, address in “Experimental Neuroscience”. Supervisors: Prof. Aldo Fasolo and Prof. Paolo Peretto, Department of Animal and Human Biology, and Neuroscience Institute “Cavalieri Ottolenghi” (NICO), University of Turin, Italy.

7th October 2009
Master degree in Neurobiology (6/M) with 110/110 cum laude, at the Faculty of Science M.F.N., University of Turin. Thesis on “Integration and sensory experience-dependent activation of newly-generated neurons in the accessory olfactory bulb of female mice”, under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Peretto and Prof. Aldo Fasolo, Department of Life Science and Systems Biology (Animal and Human Biology), University of Turin.

Mathematics, Physics and Natural Science Faculty – University of Turin, Master course in Neurobiology.

26th September 2007
First Level degree in Biological Science (Biomolecular Curriculum) with 110/110, at the Faculty of Science, University of Turin. Thesis on “Potenziale ruolo inibitorio di Sorafenib sulle cellule di osteosarcoma” (“Potential inhibitory role of Sorafenib drug on osteosarcome cells”), under the supervision of Ymera Pignochino, PhD, and Giuliana Cavalloni, PhD, laboratory of Prof. Massimo Aglietta, IRCC (Institute for Cancer Research) Candiolo, Turin.

Mathematics, Physics and Natural Science Faculty – University of Turin, address Biology.


October 2015 – Now: Research Fellowship in Prof. Vercelli’s Lab at Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi, Orbassano (TO) Fellowship sponsored by Pharmafox Therapeutics, Möhlin, Switzerland.

18th April 2014- 17th July 2014: Grant (research fellowship) at the Life Science and System Biology Department (Animal and Human Biology), University of Turin. Project title: “Integrated analysis of molecular and cellular processes responsible for sensory signals elaborations in normal and pathological conditions", under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Peretto.



Stem Cell-Derived Human Striatal Progenitors Innervate Striatal Targets and Alleviate Sensorimotor Deficit in a Rat Model of Huntington Disease

Stem Cell Reports , 16 April 2020

Besusso D, Schellino R, Boido M, Belloli S, Parolisi R, Conforti P, Faedo A, Cernigoj M,Campus I, Laporta A, Dickinson Bocchi V, Murtaj V, Parmar M,Spaiardi P, Talpo F,Maniezzi C, Toselli MG, Biella G, Moresco RM, Vercelli A, Buffo A, and Cattaneo E

20 April 2020

Pharmacological c-Jun NH(2)-Terminal Kinase (JNK) Pathway Inhibition Reduces Severity of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Disease in Mice

Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience , September 2018
R Schellino, M Boido, T Borsello, A Vercelli

23 October 2018

Opposite-sex attraction in male mice requires testosterone dependent regulation of adult olfactory bulb neurogenesis

Scientific Reports , October 2016
Schellino R, Trova S, Cimino I, Farinetti A, Jongbloets BC, Pasterkamp RJ, Panzica G, Giacobini P, De Marchis S, Peretto P.

24 January 2017