Technical Report NICO

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Event date: 10/04/2020

2° Technical Report NICO

To promote the potential and use of the tools recently acquired by NICO and encourage collaboration between the groups.
This is the purpose of the technical reports: not of the "generic" technical seminars, but of the updates on what can really be done (and which is already partially done) in our laboratories and with our tools.


Seminars room NICO 

friday 10th April 2020 - h 2:00 pm

Corrado Calì (group Brain development and disease - Vercelli)
3D-EM and Virtual Reality tools in Brain Metabolism 


4/12/2019 - Serena Bovetti (gruppo di Neurogenesi adulta - Bonfanti, Peretto)
Two-photon microscopy and probes for in vivo multicolor imaging of brain structure and function

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