Success and science: nature or nurture?

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Event date: 22/10/2020

Virtual Workshop

October 22, 14:30-17:30

Success and science: nature or nurture?

Prof.ssa Allegra Via
ELIXIR-IIB Training Coordinator, IBPM-CNR
Sapienza University, Rome

Many people tend to think that good scientists are born, not made. In other words, that only talented people will have success in pursuing a career in science. But, is talent the actual driver of a research career?

Upon completion of your PhD, a question may arise: what next? Although it seems a natural progression to continue with further research, there are many other careers open to academics. So how do you know if research is the right career choice for you? The path to research is not easy and becoming a “good researcher” may be a great challenge. But… what is a “good researcher”? What are their characteristics? Do you think you have them? Or, is it possible to develop them? How can you overcome the challenges of becoming a “good researcher”? 

Choices you will make during and at the end of your PhD, will determine many aspects of your future life. Much will depend on your interests and passion. However, being aware of pros and cons of a career in research, the skill set needed to undertake a scientific career and the limiting factors, may greatly facilitate the difficult task of making the best decisions for your life.

Hosted by: Annalisa Buffo

Registration deadline: September 30 2020

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