Adult Neurogenesis Digital Talks

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Event date: 06/10/2020

October 6, 2020 - h. 4:00 pm

Adult Neurogenesis Digital Talks

Due to Covid-19 emergency, the bi-annual ADULT NEUROGENESIS MEETING organized by AbCam and Gerd Kempermann in Dresda will be postponed in 2021.This year, it will be replaced by a short, 4 talk meeting to be held online through the ZOOM platform in October 6th, 4PM (CEST).


  • Adult neurogenesis in humans
  • Neural stem cell metabolism
  • Neurogenesis without cell division
  • Modeling development and disease with neural stem cells and organoids

Here the link to the event

As you can see, the NICO will be present with Prof. Luca Bonfanti


Adult Neurogenesis: Interview with Gerd Kempermann and Luca Bonfanti

​​Prof. Gerd Kempermann and Prof. Luca Bonfanti share their thoughts and insight on the field of adult neurogenesis