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Gruppo guidato da Luca Bonfanti e Paolo Peretto

Marco Fogli

Marco Fogli

PhD student


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Born in Carmagnola (TO, Italy) on September 23th 1993. Italian.

2017 - Master Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology – Neurobiological Curriculum (University of Turin). Thesis title: “Neurogenic activation and lineage progression of striatal astrocytes following excitotoxic lesion: the role of Sox2”. PI Dott. Federico Luzzati. (110/110 Cum Laude and Honorable Mention).

2015 - Bachelor in Biological Sciences (University of Turin). Thesis title: “The role of microRNAs in peripheral nerve regeneration after injury”. PI Prof. Isabelle Perroteau. Final evaluation 105/110.

Laboratory experiences
October 2016 – present: “Adult Neurogenesis” Lab at Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (Orbassano, TO). Supervisor Dott. Federico Luzzati, Prof. Paolo Peretto.

January - March 2018: “Adult Neurogenesis and Cellular Reprogramming” Lab at Institute of Physiological Chemistry, Johannes Gutenberg University (Mainz, Germany). PI Prof. Benedikt Berninger.

November 2014 – July 2015: “Peripheral nerve regeneration” lab at the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences (Orbassano, TO). PI Prof. Isabelle Perroteau. 

2019-2023: PhD Fellowship for the PhD program in Neurosciences (University of Turin).

2018: Bando in memoria del Dott. Livio Griot - Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi ONLUS – Post-laurea fellowship

2017: NENS Exchange Grant for a two-months experience in Prof. Benedikt Berninger lab. Johannes Gutenberg University (Mainz, Germany).

2017: Borsa di Studio Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi ONLUS for my master thesis project.