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Brain Structural Plasticity: From Adult Neurogenesis to Immature Neurons

Frontiers in Neurogenesis , February 2020 

C La Rosa, R Parolisi1 and L Bonfanti

11 february 2020

Steroids and Nervous System - special issue

Journal of Neuroendocrinology January 2020
G. Panzica, R. Melcangi (guest editors)

7 february 2020

Editorial: Peripheral Nerve Regeneration

Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience , October 2019

G Gambarotta, S Raimondo, E Udina, J.B Phillips and K Haastert-Talini

30 january 2020

Automated segmentation of brain cells for clonal analyses in fluorescence microscopy images

Journal of Neuroscience Methods , July 2019
Massimo Salvi, Valentina Cerrato, Annalisa Buffo, Filippo Molinari

17 november 2019

NURR1 deficiency is associated to ADHD-like phenotypes in mice

Translational Psychiatry , August 2019
Francesca Montarolo, Serena Martire, Simona Perga, Michela Spadaro, Irene Brescia, Sarah Allegra, Silvia De Francia e Antonio Bertolotto

14 november 2019

Environmentally Relevant Perinatal Exposures to Bisphenol A Disrupt Postnatal Kiss1/NKB Neuronal Maturation and Puberty Onset in Female Mice

Environmental Health Perspectives , October 2019
Ruiz-Pino F, Miceli D, Franssen D, Vazquez MJ, Farinetti A, Castellano JM, Panzica G, Tena-Sempere M

30 october 2019

Neuroscience 2019 - Chicago

Prof. Alessandro Vercelli and his research's group attended the annual meeting held in Chicago from 19th to 23rd October.

24 october 2019

Detrimental and protective action of microglial extracellular vesicleson myelin lesions: astrocyte involvement in remyelination failure.

Acta Neuropathologica , July 2019
Marta Lombardi, Roberta Parolisi, Federica Scaroni, Elisabetta Bonfanti, Alice Gualerzi, Martina Gabrielli, Nicole Kerlero de Rosbo, Antonio Uccelli, Paola Giussani, Paola Viani, Cecilia Garlanda, Maria P. Abbracchio, Linda Chaabane, Annalisa Buffo, Marta Fumagalli, Claudia Verderio.

9 september 2019

Events & Meetings

14 february 2020

NICO Progress Report

Our young researchers present their work to collegues. From January to December, every two weeks, on friday at 2:00 pm
Seminars Room, NICO

27 february 2020


University of Turin, Italy   
The Workshop is aimed at PhD students and young Postdocs with the goal to promote a thorough understanding of the functions of glial cells in health and disease. The program includes lectures on the newest conceptual advancements and methodological approaches in the study of glial cells in synaptic functions, development and CNS diseases.