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Frontiers in Neuroscience, P.Peretto - L.Bonfanti

Major unsolved points in adult neurogenesis: doors open on a translational future?

11 june 2014

Physiology & Behavior - A. Rodriguez-Gomez, F. Filice, S. Gotti, G. Panzica

Perinatal exposure to genistein affects the normal development of anxiety and aggressive behaviors and nitric oxide system in CD1 male mice.

26 may 2014

Frontiers in Neuroscience - P. Peretto - E. Boda and A. Buffo

How neurogenesis finds its place in a hardwired sensory system
Beyond cell replacement: unresolved roles of NG2-expressing progenitors 

9 may 2014


Distinct Profiles of Myelin Distribution Along Single Axons of Pyramidal Neurons in the Neocortex

18 april 2014

Frontiers in Neuroscience, E.Cattaneo and L.Bonfanti

Therapeutic potential of neural stem cells: greater in people's perception than in their brains?

16 april 2014

Fondazione Veronesi premia due ricercatori del NICO

Enrica Boda e Paolo Mele sono tra i vincitori delle 130 borse di ricerca annuali assegnate nell'ambito del bando Grant 2014 promosso dalla Fondazione Veronesi.

26 march 2014

Progress in Neurobiology

Special Issue
Allopregnanolone: State of the art

1 february 2014

Development, The Company of Biologists

COUP-TFI controls activity-dependent tyrosine hydroxylase expression in adult dopaminergic olfactory bulb interneurons

13 november 2013

Events & Meetings

20 september 2019

NICO Progress Report - INN Open Neuroscience Forum 2019

Our young researchers present their work to collegues. From January to December, every two weeks, on friday at 2:00 pm
Seminars Room, NICO

14 november 2019

BraYn 2019 Milan, 14-16 November

The main goal of the BraYn initiative is to organize a scientific conference involving different laboratories across Italy and Europe where young researchers, especially PhD students and junior postdocs, can share their knowledge, skills and ideas to establish new collaborations between different research groups.