28.11 - C. Rolando, University of Basel

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Event date: 28/11/2014

Venerdì 28 novembre - ore 11:00
Aula seminari, NICO

Non canonical Drosha pathway regulates hippocampal neural stem cell differentiation
Chiara Rolando
Embryology and Stem Cell Biology, Department of Biomedicine - University of Basel

Self-renewing and multipotent neural stem cells (NSCs) reside in the dentate gyrus of the adult mammalian hippocampus. The Microprocessor, a multimeric complex of the ribonuclease Drosha and the RNA binding protein DGCR8, drives miRNA biogenesis.

The Microprocessor also has miRNA-independent functions, directly targeting and cleaving stem-loop hairpin structures of mRNAs and destabilizing the transcripts. We found that RNAse III Drosha regulates NSC maintenance and inhibits oligodendrocyte fate commitments in adult NSCs.

Drosha-CLIP (cross-linking and immunoprecipitation) experiment shows that Drosha binds the mRNAs of critical oligodendrocyte and gliogenic transcription factors. Taken together our findings reveal a new miRNA-independent action of the Microprocessor in the maintenance of adult NSCs and control of oligodendrocyte differentiation.

Ospite:  Annalisa Buffo

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