Adult neurogenesis

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Group leader:  Luca Bonfanti and  Paolo Peretto



Endogenous source of neural progenitor/stem cells for CNS repair
2014-September 2016 | Fondazione CRT

Luca Bonfanti and Paolo Peretto co-proponent with Annalisa Buffo, NICO

This project is focused on the study of adult neurogenesis in the corpus striatum of different mammalian species characterized by diverse levels of striatal parenchymal neurogenesis, namely:

  • the mouse, in which the neurogenic process can be induced after injury;
  • rabbits  in which neurogenesis is spontaneous and active throughout adult life;
  • the guinea pig, in which neurogenesis is transient and limited to a postnatal window.
    The final goal is to define possible common mechanisms underlying the neurogenic process in the brain parenchyma and therefore to identify  signals/key molecules whose genetic manipulation can promote reparative events.

Study of the molecular aspects of adult neurogenesis in a transgenic mouse model
2014-June 2016 | Galileo G14-96 - Italian French University

In collaboration with the University Sophia Antipolis (Nice, France)
This project support the collaboration between our group and the laboratory of  Dr. Michele Studer at the University Sophia – Antipolis  in relation to the study of the role of the transcription factor COUP-TFI in regulating adult neurogenesis.
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