Politecnico di Torino

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Event date: from 19/11/2015 to 20/11/2015

November, 19th-20th, 2015
Aula Magna - Torino Lingotto
Politecnico di Torino

Engineered Biomaterials and Biomedical Devices in  the Regenerative Medicine 
of the Nervous System

Final workshop of the project Smart Injectable Drug-Delivery systems for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment (PAD-INJ)

Organized by:
Prof.ssa Valeria Chiono, Politecnico di Torino
Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Spillantini, The University of Cambridge
>> Program

Our director Prof. Alessandro Vercelli will give a lecture on " Cell therapy for neurodegenerative diseases ".

The workshop is free of charge but the registration is mandatory

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