Physiopathology of neural stem cells

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Group leader:  Annalisa Buffo 

Physiopathology of neural stem cells
daniela carulli

Daniela Carulli

Assistant Professor of Physiology (on leave of absence)


Tel  + 39 011 6706616
Fax + 39 011 6705451

Guest scientist
Laboratory for Neuroregeneration
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN)
Meibergdreef 47 - 1105 BA Amsterdam - The Netherlands
phone: +31-20-5665512

Born in Turin on 17.04.1973. Italian 
1996 Six month training in the laboratory of Prof. Calas at the Institute of Neuroscience, University of Paris, France.
05/03/1998 Degree in Biological Sciences, 110/110 cum laude.
1999 Two week training in the laboratory of Prof. M. Baehr, University of Tuebingen, Germany.
2000 Two week training in the laboratory of Prof. M. Baehr, University of Tuebingen, Germany.
2001 Qualification for performing the profession of Biologist.
20/12/2002 PhD in Neurological Sciences at the University of Turin, Italy, under the supervision of Prof. P. Strata.
2003-2006 Postdoc at the Brain Repair Centre, University of Cambridge, under the supervision of prof. J.W. Fawcett. Associate of the Christopher Reeve Foundation Consortium.
Jan 2007-Oct 2007 Postdoc at the Dept of Neuroscience, University of Turin, under the supervision of Prof. Ferdinando Rossi.
Oct 2007-today Assistant professor ("Ricercatore Universitario") at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Turin.
Jan 2014 National qualification for associate professor in Physiology.

"Erasmus project" fellowship (1996)
Awarded a "Fondazione Cavalieri Ottolenghi" fellowship (1999)
Awarded a Short-Term fellowship of the COST B10 Cooperation (1999 and 2000)

Guest referee for international scientific journals
Journal of Cellular Science, Cell Transplantation, European Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Neuroscience Research, Experimental Neurology, The International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, Plos One, Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, Brain, Behavior and Immunity.

Membership in research centers:
Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (NICO, Orbassano, Turin)

Invited seminars:
2001 IX COST B10 meeting on "Brain damage repair", Lisbon, December 7-8.
2002 Invitation by Dr. A. Chedotal, Batiment de Pediatrie, Hopital de la Salpetriere, Paris.
2002 Invitation by Dr. M. Götz, Department of Neurobiology, Max Planck Institute, Munich.
2007 Workshop of the EU-sponsored Network of Excellence NeuroNE, "Activity-dependent plasticity", Turin.
2007 Invitation by Dr Schilling, University of Bonn, Germany
2009 "Intrinsic growth potential, regulatory molecules and experience: the complex interplay regulating neuronal plasticity", Meeting of the German Society of Neuroscience, Goettingen.
2010 Invitation by Dr Sassoè-Pognetto, University of Turin
2011 Workshop of the Doctorate school in Neuroscience, University of Turin, "From muscle to brain: role of dystroglycan in synaptic function and disease"
2012 Invitation by Dr J. Verhaagen, Neuroscience Institute of Netherland

Scientific collaborations :
James W Fawcett and Jessica Kwok (Brain Repair Centre, University of Cambridge, UK)
Tibor Glant (Rush University Medical Centre, Chicago, IL, USA)
Tommaso Pizzorusso (CNR Pisa, Italy)
Joost Verhaagen (Netherland Institute for Neuroscience, Amsterdam)
Marco Sassoè-Pognetto (University of Turin)
Leszek Kaczmarek (Nencki Institute, Warsaw)
Toshi Oohashi (Okayama University, Japan)


Cerebellar plasticity and associative memories are controlled by perineuronal nets

PNAS , 24 March 2020

Carulli D, Broersen R, de Winter F, Muir EM, Mešković M, de Waal M, de Vries S, Boele HJ, Canto CB, De Zeeuw CI, Verhaagen J

30 March 2020

Neuropsychopharmacology, D. Carulli

Autistic-Like Traits and Cerebellar Dysfunction in Purkinje Cell PTEN Knock-Out Mice

9 November 2015