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Neurobiologia clinica
Simona Perga

Simona Perga

Biotechnologist, PhD

Tel. + 39 11 6706600
Fax. + 39 11 6705451

Curriculum vitae

Born March 29th, 1977 in Turin, Italy
Nationality: Italian

Present position
2012-present Postdoctoral Research fellow at the Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (NICO) and University Hospital San Luigi Gonzaga of Orbassano (Turin)

2001: MSC in Medical Biotechnology, University of Turin
2007: PhD in Molecular and Experimental Pathology, University of Turin
2009-2014: Board Certification in Clinical and Analytical Biochemistry, University of Turin

Professional Experience
- 1997-2001: Research intern. University of Turin. Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (IRCC), Candiolo (Turin). Research project: Study of the molecular mechanisms that control protein synthesis in cells upon HGF stimulation. Supervisors: Dr. Tiziana Crepaldi and Prof. Paolo Maria Comoglio.
- 2001-2002: pre-doctoral fellow at the Cavalieri Ottolenghi Scientific Institute (COSI), Turin. Research project: Study of the molecular function of BACE1 in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. Supervisors: Dr. Jose Abad Rodriguez and Dr. Carlos Dotti.
- 2002-2006: four-year fellowship from the University of Turin for PhD training, to attend the Cavalieri Ottolenghi Scientific Institute (COSI), Orbassano (Turin). Research project: Spontaneous membrane cholesterol loss in hippocampal neurons ageing in vitro: role in survival. Supervisors: Dr. Carlos Dotti, Dr. Maria Dolores Ledesma.
- 2005-2006. Visiting PhD Student at the Department of Molecular and Developmental Genetics, Flanders Institute of Biotechnology (VIB 11) Leuven (Belgium)
- 2007: Post-doctoral fellow in the Neurobiology Laboratory, Bioindustry Park del Canavese S.p.A, Colleretto Giacosa (Italy), Research project: Research and validation of biological markers in central nervous system degenerative diseases. Supervisor: Dr. Enrico Bucci.
- 2008: Post-doctoral Fellow in the Molecular Biology Laboratory, at the Department of Anatomy, Pharmacology and Forensic Medicine, University of Turin. Supervisor: Prof. Carola Ponzetto.
- 2009-2011: post-doctoral fellow at the Clinical Neurobiology Laboratory at the Regional Referral Multiple Sclerosis centre (CReSM), University Hospital San Luigi Gonzaga.

Field of research
Neuroimmunology, multiple sclerosis, gene expression, inflammation.

Grant as Principal Investigator
May 2010: 2010 AISM/FISM Grant: “Analysis of single-nucleotide polimorphisms in TNFAIP3 associated with multiple sclerosis” (project code 2010/R/29). Total amount granted: 40.000 euros (two years-project);
May 2012: Ricerca finalizzata 2010 Bando Giovani Ricercatori bandito dal Ministero della Salute Project Code: GR-2010-2315964 Project Title: The ubiquintin-editing enzyme A20 (TNFAIP3) as a peacekeeper in inflammation and immunity: a link between TNFAIP3 deregulation and Multiple Sclerosis. Total amount granted: 262.800 euros (three year project)
March 2015: 2014 AISM/FISM Grant: winner of three year project entitled “The deubiquitinase A20/TNFAIP3 in the immunopathology of Multiple Sclerosis” (project code 2014/R/14). Total amount granted: 100.000 euros (three year project)

Professional organization
Associazione Italiana Neuroimmunologia (AINI); Associazione Nazionale Biotecnologi Italiani (ANBI).

Administrative post
Member of the Steering Committee of the Italian Biotechnology Society (ANBI) since 2009