Liege, June 25-27 2014 - 8th ICHBB

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Data dell'evento: dal 25/06/2014 al 27/06/2014

8th International Conference on Hormones Brain and Behavior (ICHBB)
Official retirement of Jacques BALTHAZART, University of Liege
Liege, June 25-27, 2014

The 8th ICHBB was a great success with a rich scientific program and a number of speakers of high value. The conference was opened by a lecture from Peg McCarthy and continued with 6 symposia dedicated to:
- sexual differentiation
- sexual and social motivations
- aromatase and estrogen action
- neuroprotection and endocrine disruption
- seasonality and plasticity
- brain plasticity.
Giancarlo Panzica, NICO, gave a lecture on "Sexually dimorphic effects of endocrine disruptors on brain and behavior".
Additonal plenary lectures were from Barney Schlinger and Greg Ball.
The conference was organized to honour the official retirement of Jacques Balthazart. Therefore all the speakers contributed with their personal knowledge about Jacques, his personality, his role in behavioral research, his teaching and mentoring activity.


27 aprile 2018

NICO Progress Report - INN Open Neuroscience Forum

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16 febbraio 2019

Torino - 10th International Meeting STEROIDS and NERVOUS SYSTEM

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Hervé Barmasse, l'alpinista "figlio del Cervino": perché sostenere i ricercatori del NICO

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11 aprile 2018