Nerve regeneration

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Acting Group leader:  Stefania Raimondo (Stefano Geuna, Rector of the University of Turin)

federica fregnan

Federica Fregnan

Post-doctoral fellowship recipient


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Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth:  02-07-1976
Work at: laboratory of human anatomy, department of clinical and biological sciences, University of Turin, Orbassano (Turin)

Training and professional experience
Degree in biological sciences (five-year degree) march 28, 2006 with points 102/110 at the faculty of mathematical, physical and natural sciences of the university of turin. Thesis entitled "analysis of the justacrine interactions mediated by erbb4 receptor and neuregulin1 type iii" (supervisor: prof. Isabelle perroteau).
From may 2006 to december 2007 scholarship entitled "new biomedical technologies for the regeneration of peripheral nerves surgically repaired and the reduction of atrophy of denervated muscles" at the laboratory of human anatomy, san luigi hospital, department of clinical sciences and biological sciences, university of turin. (prof. Stefano geuna).
From january 2007 to december 2010 ph.d. In neuroscience from the university of turin (school of neuroscience, experimental neuroscience; tutor: prof. Isabelle perroteau). Title of qualification awarded  march the 4th 2011 with a thesis entitled "erbb4 receptors and the migration of neuronal progenitors”
From january 2012 to present.  Post-doctoral fellowship recipient entitled "bio-hybrid matrices for the regeneration of peripheral nerves". (prof. Stefano geuna)

2007-at present : assignment of complement to the teaching of human anatomy for the bachelo
Of nursing.
2011: teaching collaboration in the cellular biology and pathology laboratory  (art.33). Teacher in charge: prof. Isabelle perroteau.
2013: assignment of a contract  for  the teaching of human anatomy for the bachelor of
Motor sciences (suism).

Technical skills
- optical microscopy and confocal analysis of histological and cytological specimens prepared by histological techniques, histochemical and immunofluorescence.
- electron microscopy and ultrastructural analysis.
- analysis of recovery of motor function in rats and mice using behavioral tests.
- quantitative morphological analysis of the regeneration of nerve fibers by stereological methods.
extraction and culture of primary lines of ganglion sensory neurons.
- analysis of protein expression (western blotting) and mrna (qualitative rt-pcr and real time quantitative rt-pcr).
- cell culture, transient and stable transfection, proliferation assays, migration assays, time lapse.
- recombinant techniques of molecular biology (cloning, production of fusion proteins with gfp or flag, preparation of constructs in plasmids, adenoviral and lentiviral vectors).
- validation of microarray analysis.

Main research interests
Plasticity, neurogenesis and regeneration in the peripheral nervous system.
Adult neurogenesis and migration in the central nervous system (olfactory system)
Growth factors (neuregulins), tyrosine kinase receptors (erbb), signal transduction and cell migration.
Transcriptional regulation.
Analysis of gene expression profiles in complex systems.

Scientific production
Author of 13 full-text scientific articles, published in international journals with impact factor (isi ©).author of 30 abstracts presented at national and international conferences.

Curriculum Vitae