Adult neurogenesis

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Group leader:  Luca Bonfanti and  Paolo Peretto

sara trova

Sara Trova

PhD student



Curriculum Vitae

Born in Aosta on 25.04.1989. Italian.
2011. Bachelor of Science in Biological Science cum laude (University of Turin).
2013. Master degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology magna cum laude (University of Turin).
2012-2013. Stage at Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi (NICO).
2014. PhD student in Neuroscience (University of Turin).

Scholarships :
2014-2017: awarded of a PhD position in Neuroscience (XXIX cycle), University of Turin.

2014-now: Seminars at the course in Developmental neurobiology (Chair: Prof. Aldo Fasolo) in Molecular Biotechnology (University of Turin).

  Curriculum Vitae  



Opposite-sex attraction in male mice requires testosterone dependent regulation of adult olfactory bulb neurogenesis

Scientific Reports , October 2016
Schellino R, Trova S, Cimino I, Farinetti A, Jongbloets BC, Pasterkamp RJ, Panzica G, Giacobini P, De Marchis S, Peretto P.

25 January 2017