Adult neurogenesis

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Group leader:  Luca Bonfanti and  Paolo Peretto

federico luzzati

Federico Luzzati

Assistant Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Cytology

Tel + 39 11 6706605

Scientific Activity
1998-2001 Experimental thesis at the Department of Human and Animal Biology of the University of Turin (Prof. Aldo Fasolo). Thesis "Structural plasticity in the adult rabbit brain" working in collaboration with Prof. Luca Bonfanti, University of Turin.
2001-2002: Pratical laboratory training at the Department of Human and Animal Biology of the University of Turin. Working on chain migration in the adult rabbit forebrain.
2002-2006: PhD in Neurobiology in the laboratory of Prof. Fasolo at the Department of Human and Animal Biology, University of Turin, Italy.
My PhD project has been the comparative study of neurogenesis in mammals. I've worked chiefly on the rabbit brain but in the end of the PhD period I've started a project on the guinea pig brain. In these mammals neurogenesis seems to occur in a wider number of brain regions than the Olfactory bulb and Hippocampus. The title of the tesis has been "Neurogenic Potential of some cortical and subcortical areas of the rabbit brain
From November 2006: I am recipient of a Post-doctoral scolarship coordinated by Prof. Paolo Peretto in the laboratory of Prof. Aldo Fasolo at the Department of Human and Animal Biology, University of Turin, Italy. My Project deals with the comparative analysis of adult neurogenesis in mammals. In particular I am focusing mostly on the striatum in both physiological and pathological conditions.

Teaching Activity
From 2006/2007 "Human anatomy" (24 hours) as part of the "Anatomy and Phisiology" class (48 hours) for the degree course in Biomedical Physics, University of Turin, Italy.
From 2007/2008 "Histology" (16 hours) for the degree course in Optics and Optometry, University of Turin, Italy.
Main Invited Seminars
Invited speaker at " IV International Course on Morphological Interpretation in Neuroembryology " organized by Prof Luis Puelles in Murcia, Spain, 25-29 january 2007. The title of the talk was: "PSA-NCAM/Doublecortin (DCX) expression in extraverted neurons of the piriform cortex and neocortex: Facts and Evolutionary hypothesis."
By "Fondazione Ottolenghi" for best graduation thesis in Neuroscience at the University of Turin for the academic year 2001.
By IBRO werc, travel award for FENS 2004 in Lisbon
By IBRO werc, travel award for FENS 2006 in Vienna

Book chapters
Luzzati F, Aimar P, Peretto P. Neurogenesis and structural plasticity in the postnatal and adult rabbit brain. In Postnatal and adult neurogenesis, 2008, Research Signpost, 215-229 ISBN: 978-81-308-0283-1


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15 October 2015

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Quiescent neuronal progenitors are activated in the juvenile guinea pig lateral striatum and give rise to transient neurons

1 November 2014